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Executive Coach | Enterprise Agile Coach | Agility Strategy & Change | Scaled & Descaled Delivery



· Sales enablement – Partnerships, Assessments, Agile Contracts, Change model design

· Executive Coach – facilitating Agility Strategy in Sales, Finance, HR, IT, VMO, and Legal

· Enterprise Agile Coach – connecting COE, LACE, LPM to Program delivery and performance

· Product & Portfolio Coach – 15-years portfolio in Project to Product transition and reporting

· Change Specialist – 15-years leading change for Business performance and Agility




· NASA – Enterprise Agile Coach – 2022

100% Remote - Executive & Enterprise Agile Coach – Coached LACE, ART Leads, and ART COPs

Training: [10] SAFe Certifiable, Kanban, and Agile Courses – Facilitated Agility Health ART Assessment

Results: Coached LACE: [4] NASA Agencies, BEST ART [12 teams, 125 people], Trained Artemis leads


· First Hawaiian Bank – Agility Sales & Enterprise Agile Coach – 2021

100% Remote - Designed Agile SOW, Engagement, and Executive Leadership journey to Agility

Led key points – Leadership participation, Portfolio SAFe design, and SNOW/Jira enablement

Results: FHB NEW Executive COE driven VMO with 90% Outsourced model – Launched HI Scrum


· Novo Nordisk – Enterprise Agile Coach – 2020

100% Remote - Lead SAFe Operating Model for Global Cloud and Infrastructure teams

Launched OKR driven Product Area with 12 Team ART from 14 CoPs inside 100/250 people division

Results: Coached Leadership, Portfolio, and Program Teams to deliver 3 PIs


· Federal Reserve Bank of New York – Enterprise Agile Coach – 2016

Trained and coached executive leadership, Scrum teams, and launched the Agile COE.

Launched 5 Scrum teams, trained 125 employees, and coached Agile Scrum Team Delivery.

Results: Assessed Agile Operating model, Designed Change model, Authored the Agile Playbook.



SPC 6.0 – SAFe Practice Consultant 6 – Enabled to Train SM, POPM

KCP – Kanban Coaching Professional

RTE – Release Train Engineer

LeSS – Certified LeSS Practitioner

CSaSP – Certified Scrum at Scale Practitioner

PARC – Personal Agility Coach

XBA, XPM – XScale Business Agility, Product Management Coach

ICF, ICP-ACC, ATF, TAL – Agile Coaching, Team Facilitation, Agile HR

CAL1, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CSP-D – Certified Scrum Professional


MA New York University, Graphic Communications Management

BFA Alfred University, Fine Art, Minor: Philosophy / Computer Science



Reviewer – 2023, 2022, 2020 Global Scrum Gathering Team

Guest Speaker, Meetup Member – Global and NYC Scrum, LeSS, BAI, SAFe, Kanban

Assistant Professor – New York University, Tisch School of Arts, Web Design & Multimedia





Kudzooo                                                                      August 2003 – Present                       

Founder, Principal Consultant (Full time)

· Clients – NASA, First Hawaiian Bank, Novo Nordisk, Fidelity Investments,

WL Gore, Citizens Bank, Celgene, Aetna, Discover, Federal Reserve Bank of NY,

Neudesic, Photon, Zoetis, Viacom, Comcast, Prudential, IEEE, 360i, Verifone, Colgate, Dominos


· Agility Roles –Executive & Enterprise Agile Coach, Product Strategy & Execution

· PMP Roles – Senior Program Manager, Business Analyst, User Experience Architect

· Specialize - Social Media, Mobile Apps, Web 2.0, Interactive, and E-commerce systems


Sales enablement – Partnerships, Assessments, Agile Contracts, Change model design

Executive Coach – Enabling Agility in Sales, Finance, HR, Vendor, Legal, Compliance

Platforms – Atlassian, Jira Align, Rally, Piplanning, Azure DevOps, Kanbanize

Training – Enabled to offer SAFe Certified Training – SAFe POPM, SSM, RTE

Product – Customer Alignment, Vision OKR and Outcomes design

Scaled – SAFe, Kanban, S@S, LeSS, DAD, Scrum

Delivery – Kanban, Scrum, XP and Value Stream models


Vanto Group                                                                January 2023 – Present

Partnership Specialist


Mathnasium                                                                 February 2023 – January 2024

Startup Coach

· Mathnasium helps children 5-18 years builds math skills. 

· Coached employee and student recruitment, teaming and retention.

· Connected Mathnasium to Hoboken City, Schools, and Steven’s administration



· Hoboken is the fastest growing franchise in Mathnasium history - 200 students, 40 weeks, $1MM annual

· Facilitated Vision is to move the needle on NJ Standardized Test results for all Hoboken schools.

· Hoboken HOLA school [1 of 8 schools] has funded Mathnasium programs for in-school delivery.


NASA                                                                           February 2022 – January 2023

Enterprise Agile Coach

· NEW business: Coached - Artemis, Mission Control 

· APS, Application Platform Services LACE: 4 Offices - CFO, COO, CIO, CHRO

· Coached 8 LPM Business owners, 1 Product Manager - Feature design and refinement

· Coached 3 BEST ART Leads, 12 Teams, 5 Cops - reteaming, PI planning, I&A events

· NEW Partnership – facilitated Agility Health for quarterly assessments

· Trained [10] certifiable courses - SAFe, Kanban, and Foundations



· Increased productivity, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency, safety, and resilience

· Innovated as a strategic partner on capabilities like data science

· Share NASA's data and results via open appropriate access


First Hawaiian Bank                                                     February 2021 – February 2022

Enterprise Agile Coach

· Initiated Executive Leadership journey to Enterprise Agility

· LIVE Portfolio dashboards - improved Investment Planning Committee business decision criteria

· Led key points – Leadership participation, Portfolio SAFe design, and SNOW/Jira enablement

· Facilitated Business Unit engagement with VMO Value Streams for 90% Outsourced delivery model

· FHB Established FHB COE and COPS Started First and Only - Hawaii Scrum User Group



· Aligned on Bank Mission and Vision to drive Business Strategy

· insights for strategic linkage to Project Cost and Schedule Management

· Increased flexibility to meet shifting customer needs and marketplace demand

· Aligned [10] Strategic Plans - Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, Wealth, Wholesale & Retail Banking

· Enabled Investment Planning Committee Governance to Budget Funding into Tactical Investments


Novo Nordisk                                                               January 2020 – January 2021

Enterprise Agile Coach

· Created Leadership LACE aligned to Vision and Change Roadmap

· Facilitated via 100% Remote Coaching role, including Big Room events

· Assessed, Designed, and Lead SAFe Operating Model for Global Cloud and Infrastructure teams

· Launched Product Area ART with 12 Teams from 14 CoPs inside 100/250 people division

· Created OKR driven, LPM Lean Portfolio Management team with ADO backlog



· Integrated Cloud and Infrastructure into Portfolio delivery

· Aligned Program Teams into 80%+ reliable Value Streams to deliver first 3 PIs

· Moved 100% Operations to design, solution and LIVE demo of Agile delivery

· Culture change included Team Acknowledgement, realigned HR performance models.

· Designed ADO/Azure DevOps, Kendis, Miro to support Portfolio and Program delivery.


Kudzooo, created G5 Agility Systems                         August 2018 – March 2020

· Created as a Map, Model, and Movement - G5 Agility Systems Simulations

· Designed Custom gamified Simulations of Business Agility Operating Models

· Designed Value Stream systems to align Company Vision and Customer against Competition.

· Designed Custom Systems to enable Executives with clarity, urgency, and readiness for Change

· Created the Agile Fight Club to build practice in Conflict Resolution, maximizing performance.


Fidelity Investments                                                    April 2018 – August 2018

Enterprise Agile Coach

· Engaged Leadership team [30] to design their Blueprint for Business Agility

· Facilitated Organizational Design MVP Operating Model design for Agile pilot teams

· Advised Business Portfolio team to create clear, customer centric, Shared service model


Accenture | SolutionsIQ                                              March 2017 – April 2018

Business Agility Lead, Enterprise Agile Coach (Full time)

· Engaging Enterprise Leadership to participate in creating their own Business Agility

· Organizational Design specializing in MVP Operating Model design for Agile pilot teams

· Business Portfolio Specialist creating Clear, Customer centric, Value driven Product Backlogs


Federal Reserve Bank of New York                             June 2016 – December 2016

Agile Coach, Trainer

· Led Assessment of Cultural, Structural, and Delivery mechanisms

· Designed Agile Future State Transformational Roadmap, Onsite/Offsite Agile Training

· Trained, Coached Executive, Practice Leadership, and Lead [5] Scrum Teams, [125] People

· Transformed Agile Scrum, Role/Responsibilities, Sprint Schedule, and Sprint Meetings.

· Authored Agile Playbook, Enterprise Agile Presentation Deliverables for Reference.


Neudesic                                                                     October 2015 – March 2016

Scaled Agile, SAFe Program Lead                              

· Led Delivery of First Microsoft "Cloud only" Solution for Fortune 500 Company

· Full MS Stack – Azure, Sharepoint, Exchange, and 0365 Solution, 4000 Global Users

· Enterprise Mobile Suite, enabled for Global BYOD, Access Anywhere mobile user base


Photon                                                                         June 2015 – August 2015

Agile Coach                                                    

· Sales, Operations - Created Roadmap for Organizational, Agile Transformation

· Operations - Staffing, Structure, Process, Tools, Communication, and Status reporting

· Agile - Teaming, UX/ Stories, Estimating, Tools, Roles, Process, Sprints, Retros, and Reporting


Zoetis                                                                          December 2014 – May 2015

Senior Program Manager, Solution Architect             

· Led Program build of multi-Channel, Veterinary E-Commerce and Inventory management solution

· Revolution REWARDS: Dose-based Promotion to Pet Owners for volume Product purchases

· Mobile Responsive UI with Intuitive design to enable Submission, Status, and Support needs


Viacom/ Nickelodeon                                                   October 2014 – December 2014

Senior Scrum Master, Agile Coach                             

· Led Nick iOS Native App Team Releases for v1.5, v1.6, Chromecast, Apple Store Demo

· Agile Coaching - Scrum, Kanban, and TDD Process, Roles, Methodologies

· Legal Compliance - FOSS, TVE, TPV, Games, Video, Content


Comcast Corporation                                                  April 2014 – October 2014

Lead Agile Product Owner – Business Process                                 

· Facilitated 5 Contact Experience Team members in Tiered Agile Story Approach

· Tiered Teams responsible for Retail and DotCom UX/UI, Shopping/Ordering, and CMS

· Created an Agile Scope Reconciliation Plan for Business/ Technical Teams, Feature/Story map

· Initiative included 17 Distributed Teams, 300+ Resources in Greater Philadelphia and Offshore


Prudential Advertising                                                 January 2014 – April 2014

Lead User Experience Architect, Business Analyst   

· Lead Discovery, Strategic Redesign for ‘Mobile First’ solution - “Bring your challenges”

· Redesign creates an Ongoing, Personalized, and Measurable Conversation with Target Market

· UX/BA Deliverables: Solution Map, User Flows, BRD/FS, Sitemap, Wireframes


IEEE                                                                             March 2013 - November 2013

Agile Coach, Senior Program Manager

· Delivered Business Case, Functional Specification for IEEE USA Enterprise Publishing Solution

· New Flagship Publication includes Web, Responsive Mobile Design, Social Media

· Social Media, Enterprise Search, SEO/SEM, and Marketo Lead filtering and Salesforce integration


360i                                                                              October 2012 - January 2013 Project Lead, Agile Product Owner                                             

· Enterprise scale rebranding, design, and build of ‘future flexible’ ecosystem

· Overall solution includes a Mobile-first approach with e-commerce, social integration, and SEO/SEM 

· Led all disciplines, including Strategy, UX/IA, Business Analysis, Creative, and Technical Architecture


Verifone                                                                       May 2012 - August 2012

Technical Project Manager                             

· Development of Product and Custom mobile POS solutions

· Document Configurable UI workflows/look feel via Web admin console

· QA for PCI/EMV card systems of multiple inventory and POS secure ecommerce transactions


Young & Rubicam                                                       October 2011 – February 2012

Global Project Lead, Colgate Facebook Initiative                               

· Led the build of the Colgate Global conversation platform on Facebook.

· Managed a global distributed team of 75 resources, from 8 WPP network companies, in 5 countries.

· Launched in 5 countries/3 translations with Future launches targeted in 40 countries/20 translations.



KickApps                                                                     August 2010 – October 2011

Director of Project Management (Full time)                                         

· Agile Project Management Team Leader, built and managed a team of Project Managers

· Managed Client Relationships and Outsourcing

· Planned implementation of an in-house User Experience practice to enable rapid prototyping

· Social Media implementation experience with SaaS/SOA model, custom Interactive widgets

· Facebook/Twitter connect, Akamai CDN/CMS, and HTML5


Endava                                                                         November 2009 – August 2010

Agile Scrum Master, Senior Project Manager                                     

· Delivered multiple Interactive, Multimedia, eCommerce websites

· Support existing, site upgrades and enhancements for Interactive/ e-Commerce sites

· Agile/Hybrid: Lead Offshore Teams of Designers, Developers in UK, Romania, Moldova


Vista Studios                                                               January 2008 – November 2009

Agile Scrum Master, Senior Project Manager                         

· Delivered SOW, Functional/ Technical Specifications, Sitemap, Wireframes, User Flows

· Managed Distributed Agile Development Teams in US, China


Project Management Institute                                     January 2006 – December 2007

Senior Project Manager, Solution Architect               

· Architected, Implemented PMINYC Chapter website -

· Delivered RFP, SOW, BRD, FSD, UX/UI, and Led Program Delivery Team

· Features: Event Calendar, Job Board, BBS/ Chat, Knowledge Base, and Search


Dominos Pizza                                                             January 2003 – December 2005           

eCommerce Solution Architect                                              

· Architected, Implemented First eCommerce Gift Card Solution for 

· 6 Dominos Franchises – Integrated CC purchases via via

· Ordering Online, Phone, Store – Monthly Reporting to Customers, Store ownership


United Bank for Africa                                                 March 2002 – August 2003

Manager, Information Technology (Full time)                          

Internet e-Business Suite: Lagos, Nigeria

· Designed Solution Architecture, integrating eBanking solution with Smart Cards

· Led design, delivery of a Flash-animated ATM GUI deployed across 250+ Nigerian Branches.

· Managed onshore/offshore teams to design Network Architecture between NYC and Lagos


Internal Initiatives: Lagos, Nigeria

· Implemented security and designed GUI for interim Internet Banking solution

· Designed Wireless, Satellite Network Architecture for Nigerian customer base

· Created Technical Specifications which included models for Backup & Disaster Recovery


Network Management: New York, NY

· Migrated NT 4.0 to 2000/XP, Centralized File/ App services and Help Desk services

· Completed SWIFT Alliance install/ configuration for Financial Objects IBIS Core Banking Solution

· Provided Risk Management - Installed and configured complete OFAC/ BSA solution